Happy Healthy Families Asks: Where Do You Keep Your Kids Toys?

My husband and I have a running argument disagreement failure to see eye to eye situation. He believes that all of the kids toys should be more or less out of sight. Which means basically they should all be kept in their bedrooms. I feel it is okay to let them play with their toys in the family room and if they are left out there (the toys, not the kids,) it is not a big deal.

Of course I am too tired to pick up toys we do things my way here...and so toys stay out. I rather like the feel of a kid-friendly environment and I am too tired to pick up toys or fight with munchkin boys and I personally do not mind if company happens to drop by and sees toys scattered about our family room. (did you hear that gasp...not to worry....that was just the hubbs expressing his disdain of my views.)

So the toys will be out in our house, should you happen to stop by. Of course, I do not let the toys take over the house, unless I am really really too tired to pick up toys or argue with munchkin boys who are looking at me like I am invisible....I insist the kids keep toys off the stairs (how unsafe would that be?) and out of the living room.

My husband  has acquiesced ( I love using grown -up words!) with my terms. And that is how it is in our house.
The toys would never all fit in the boys' room anyway. But that is another sore point between the hubby and me discussion for another day.

So how do you handle the toys in your house? Are they kept organized and put away? Or are they hanging out and about like members of the family....on floors, couches, stairs, and tables?

HHF wants to know. Please share unless you are going to make me feel bad by telling me how perfect and clean your home is     the hubby needs to know!

And yes...that is a picture from our home. Yes, those are some munchkin boys toys out on the floor. No, it doesn't always look that bad (usually that tricycle would be outside...honest!). But in my defense....do you ever watch "Everybody Loves Raymond?" Don't you notice how kid-friendly that house always looked with the kids toys everywhere? Well, that's what I have: A kid-friendly house. And I am sticking to that excuse.

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@2023 HappyHealthyFamilies.com. All Rights Reserved.