Jul 29, 2010

Is Anyone Not Going To BlogHer?

Sigh. I think the blogosphere is going to be lonely next week; Everyone seems to be going to BlogHer. Everyone, that is, but your truly.

I have such a fear of flying,,,,,I mean seriously huge.....that there was just no way I could even consider going to N.Y. Sad, uh?

So is anyone else not going to BlogHer?? Will I be all alone here in bloggy-land?

I am already sad, jealous and feeling oh so silly for letting this fear of flying get the best of me. And I have both fingers and toes crossed that next year's event will be somewhere that I can take a train, car or bus to.

Hear that all ye in charge???? Take pity on me, please?!

How about good old L.A.?? Think about it, will ya?


Bunch of Barrons said...

I'm not going. My kids wouldn't stand for it. ;) Hope it's not too lonely of a week for ya! Have a good weekend!

1stopmom said...

I am not going :)