Is Anyone Not Going To BlogHer?

Sigh. I think the blogosphere is going to be lonely next week; Everyone seems to be going to BlogHer. Everyone, that is, but your truly.

I have such a fear of flying,,,,,I mean seriously huge.....that there was just no way I could even consider going to N.Y. Sad, uh?

So is anyone else not going to BlogHer?? Will I be all alone here in bloggy-land?

I am already sad, jealous and feeling oh so silly for letting this fear of flying get the best of me. And I have both fingers and toes crossed that next year's event will be somewhere that I can take a train, car or bus to.

Hear that all ye in charge???? Take pity on me, please?!

How about good old L.A.?? Think about it, will ya?

@2023 All Rights Reserved.

@2023 All Rights Reserved.