Kung Zhu: A Fun Review!

Our family has expanded. Yes, we added a bunch of Kung Zhu hamsters to our happy home. Thanks to Mom Select and Cepia, my munchkin boys had a delivery from the UPS man that rivaled Santa Claus (no kidding!)

The boys were sent several Kung Zhu hamsters, the gear that went with the hamsters, a battle arena, tanks and  extra accessories. Understanding that their expertise in everything Zhu Zhu was needed and eagerly anticipated, my little testers went straight to work on their review.

The Kung Zhu hamsters are much like their cousins, the original Zhu Zhu pets introduced last Christmas (remember that craziness?) They are cute, make different sounds and have their own fun names. But these hamsters are ready for battle, which of course, little boys will delight in. Tanks, armor, weapons....just what my munchkin boys could really get into.

From my maternal point of view, the aspect of battle and fighting made me a bit uncomfortable. From my realistic rational point of view, well, boys are boys and as long as they understand it is only "play," I guess I can relax and let them enjoy.

And enjoy they have done, and continue to do. I did warn the boys to not put the hamsters near their hair, and they have remembered to be careful about that. Plus, there are warning stickers on each Kung Zhu pet hamster as well.

All in all, we were all pretty happy with the new hamsters. They have provided a great source of imaginative play for my boys, and they have been motivated to practice their patience and kindness with each other (did I really just type that? About my little men??) Seriously, they have had to understand that in battle, one of their hamsters will most likely "win" while the other ...well....does not win. But it is all in fun as these warriors scurry about in their arena, squeaking and chortling at each other!

Oh yes,about  the munchkin boys review: Both boys love their hamsters and play sets. In  my five (sigh) SIX year old's words: "I can't believe we got these! We are so lucky! I love this!". My three year old... **giggles**  smiles.. **more giggles.**

In other words..4 thumbs up on this one!

Disclosure: All opinions expressed here are my own and that of the two munchkin boys. We received the Kung Zhu pets and play set accessories to review and report on courtesy of Cepia and Mom Select. Our opinions may differ from that of others.

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@2023 HappyHealthyFamilies.com. All Rights Reserved.