Book Review: Postcards From the Hedge

I recently read Postcards From the Hedge by Jill Appenzellar, and I truly enjoyed it. Appenzellar has written this book in a very easy reading format- somewhat like little segments that reflect her thoughts, feelings and life experiences.

Many might say that this is a book more for those who not just garden, but have a deep passion for gardening. While I agree with that, I certainly do not think you need to be a devout fan of gardens at all to love reading Post Cards From the Hedge. Take me for instance. I do not garden. I admit I often imagine having a gorgeous garden to invite friends and family over to enjoy, but at the moment I do not have anything but a backyard full of toys, bikes and some grass.

But reading this book took me to a place that was full of flowers, birds and color. The descriptions are so detailed and vibrant from the author, I could easily see her garden in my mind. But that is not even the main reason I liked this book as much as I did.

I was drawn in to Jill's reflecting on life, family, and human nature in the context of her ever-changing garden.As the seasons changed, and her garden with them, Jill shares memories, thoughts and wisdom from her life. That is what I enjoyed so much. To listen to someone share their joys sadness, regrets, doubts and questions is without a doubt an inviting reason to take some quiet moments and read Jill's book.

Postcards From The Hedge is lovely to read, and when you need to put it down, it is easy to pick it back up again and immediately get swept back into Jill's musings, and of course, her garden.

I received a complimentary copy of Postcards From The Hedge to review from Parent Reviewers. I did not receive any monetary compensation, and all opinions are purely my own.

@2023 All Rights Reserved.

@2023 All Rights Reserved.