Do Your Kids Walk to School?

I have to laugh at myself because I know I sound just like the stereotypical parent when I tell my kids how I used to walk to school everyday.....literally everyday....when I was young. And walked back home too. But I will let you all in on a little secret-- it was fun! I walked with my older brother, and our assortment of friends. We had the best times during those long walks. We laughed, played games, stopped at the same little mom and pop candy store everyday, and basically always made it home still laughing and no where near tired.

Times were a bit different then. It seemed safer and I don't think it was ever given much thought that walking could be dangerous for us kids. But I do not want to let fear or worry keep my kids from enjoying fresh air and brisk walks to school, so I started walking my son to his school at the beginning of this new school year. Okay, so I admit We did this more out of necessity than any other reason at first,as our car decided to take a vacation from working- but now I am trying to get in a walk to school at least two or three times out of the week even though our car has rejoined the working category again.

What I found by walking with my six year old to school was more time to talk, giggle, pick up weird looking pebbles and rocks, watch lizards wiggle by us, and of course, good old exercise! It does take more effort on my part to get myself and my son moving earlier in the mornings so that we have the extra time to walk leisurely to his school, but it is well worth that effort. And I personally was happy to be getting in some much needed exercise (I swear I could almost hear my legs and butt saying thank-you!

In celebration of International Walk to School Month in October, the makers of Green Works naturally derived cleaners have created a fun Web site that helps families get involved in that daily trek to school – and win some green for their school.

During the month of October, elementary and middle school students and their families can help their schools win one of five $5,000 grants – simply by walking or bicycling to school. Parents are invited to sign up online for the Walk to School Challenge at,and log their families' walking or bicycling trips on behalf of their school. The five schools with the highest levels of participation will be eligible to win a $5,000 grant. Frequent walkers and bicyclists can also earn individual prizes, ranging from green shoelaces to reusable water bottles.

Getting exercise for yourself and your kids while also getting some special bonding time is a win-win situation. Walking and bicycling to school provides an easy way for many families to take a step towards more physical activity in their everyday routine and a more natural lifestyle.

So lace up your sneakers and take in the sights and sounds during your walk to school. Make walking fun by counting steps with your child and point out the changing leaves or colorful flowers.

Do it for your kids, and do it for you! You will feel good after your morning walk...I promise!

"I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Clorox Green Works and received a $30 thank-you gift certificate."

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@2023 All Rights Reserved.