Mad Science: Know Magazine For Kids

Mad Science is reaching out to younger children in school to help enrich and support their natural fascination with science. They have launched a new magazine, Know Magazine, that is geared to children ages 6-9 years.

Know Magazine is full of articles kids will enjoy reading, games, activities, fun facts, puzzles and experiments.The magazine will be featuring everything kids love at this age, from dinosaurs and animals to the solar system and the human body. But the one thing you will not find in the magazine is outside advertising! This is a new and if I may say, refreshing avenue for a publisher to take.

My munchkin boys got a sneak peek at a down-loadable issue of Know, and while my 3 year old was interested, it was my six year old who was really intrigued and excited with the magazine. He is in first grade this year, and every Monday his class goes to the Science Lab at the school. Mondays have now become his favorite day --- he is infatuated with everything science and has taken to doing experiments he learned at the Science Lab here at home with his little brother as the very interested student. When I told him he would be getting these magazines in the mail, he was so excited. The only drawback to letting him in on this little secret is that now he asks everyday if his magazine has come yet (which it will not for a few more weeks.)

KNOW is edited by science writer Adrienne Mason, author of over 20 books for children, and features Diane Swanson, one of Canada’s most accomplished children’s science writers.  You can check out a free sample of the magazine here, and learn more about subscriptions on the Know website.

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@2023 All Rights Reserved.