Need a Last Minute Stocking Stuffer Idea? Two Books To Check Out!

So of course just after I proclaim I will be absent from my blog 'till the holidays are over....I change my mind and come running back! But I did want to share a couple of book reviews with you--maybe even give you a last minute gift/stocking stuffer idea.

First is the amazing Entertain Like a Gentleman, by David Harap. Chock full of delicious recipes, this is a perfect gift for anyone on your list that loves to entertain! I am not such a great cook, but I found myself wishing I had some extra time to try out some of the interesting recipes David has shared. And he even breaks down entertaining 101 into specific events such as Scotch tasting, super bowl/march madness, cheese and wine party, the initial flame, pool party, tailgating in style, Octoberfest, cooking with kids,  date night, romantic dinnera , breakfast in bed, brunch with the in-laws, cocktail party finger food, and poker night with the boys. He also includes a shopping list index to make shopping for ingredients more simple. I know this book is aimed towards men, and yes, it is perfect for the man who needs some step by step guidance in the kitchen, but really, I think just about anyone would love reading it. There are tips and secrets throughout the book that will make even the most novice host feel ready to take on a party for family and friends!

Next is a book for the teen in your life: Aurora Fee.  Let me start by pointing out that the author of Aurora Fee, Megan Barnes, was only 17 when she wrote this book and had it published! I find that inspiring and could not wait to share this with my 13 year old daughter. The story follows Aurora who at 16 has her life changed in a complicated way, to say the least, when she finds she is a shape shifter-- and can change from human form to that of a cat.

My daughter loved this book, and basically had it in her hands from the time she started reading it to the time she finished. Though shape shifting is a big part of the story, it also follows Aurora's daily struggles being a teen and dealing with normal teen situations such as school, friends, falling in love, etc. This would be a perfect stocking stuffer for young teens and even pre-teens. My daughter gave it two thumbs up!

I received each book for review from Parent Reviewers. No compensation was received for these reviews, and all opinions expressed here are my own.

@2023 All Rights Reserved.

@2023 All Rights Reserved.