OWN: Will You Be Watching Oprah's New Network?

I just watched a seek peek of  "Your OWN Show: Oprah’s Search for the Next TV Star"  courtesy of She SpeaksAnd of course, I got hooked, LOL. I really didn't expect to get as interested as I did, but there is something about watching a group of strangers compete for their very own talk show courtesy of Oprah! The show is hosted by by Nancy O’Dell (“Access Hollywood”) and Carson Kressley (“Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”), with appearances by special guests each week who will help with judging duties. This week's guest--Dr. Phil.

The premise of the show is somewhat like The Apprentice but without Oprah issuing the final 'You're Fired! Plus, I think the prize here is a tad bit better (your own show vs. being a temp. employee = better!) There are 10 finalists competing, having successfully beaten out thousands of applicants. The first step was dividing the finalists into two teams: Team Vision and Team Focus. Next, the teams were given their  first task: producing a talk show segment featuring  guest Dr. Phil (can I just say that sheesh, that man can be seriously intimidating?!)

Team Vision is all women; Team Focus is 4 men and 1 woman. Should I spoil a bit and let you know which team did better-- a lot better-- and won safety the first week? Let's just say that women really can be their own worst enemy. Enough said. Oh, one more thing. Dr. Phil was not pleased with the losing team at all. Come on ladies....step it up!

Just as the fighting amongst the members of the losing team started getting really nasty compelling, I was cut off with a nice little reminder to tune in Friday to see who is the first eliminated. ACK. What?? Actually, I think I have it figured out, at least down to the two strongest possibilities, but since I know personally who I would like to see sent packing, I am sure it will be the other choice that actually gets the boot.

Love it. Another show to obsess over and get invested in.

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@2023 HappyHealthyFamilies.com. All Rights Reserved.