Rats Are So Not Pets!

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There are many things that make me act like a true girly-girl, such as spiders, assorted weird bugs, and bees. I have no shame in admitting I yell, run and pretty much act like like a chicken when anything with wings, stingers and creepy hairy legs comes near me. But there is one creature that holds a power over me like no other (no, it is not the hubby). It is .... rats.

Just typing that word made me get panicky. I am more afraid of rats than just about anything else that crawls or flies ...and guess what just crawled out from under major accumulated junk in our garage?

A rat.

Now this little guy seriously looked like he was a baby. Do you think that made any difference to me? Of course not. He was fast. And had a twitching nose, And little beady eyes. And a tail that will probably be the subject of many nightmares to come for me.


As much as I would like to run out and hire an exterminator, or get those nasty rat traps, or have a wrecking crew come demolish our garage, I must explain that I am weird. As much as I am terrified of rats, I cannot stand the thought of harming- or worse- any animal. Especially little ones.

And especially when my munchkin boys beg me to let them keep it as a pet. (which we will so not be doing!)

Nope. No can do. So off I went to peruse the web in hopes of finding a humane way to 'motivate' that rat, any relatives of his, to leave. And quickly, thank-you very much!

Look what I found:

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Victor, the specialists in rodent control,  has humane products that are safe, effective and non-toxic --very important with kids and pets (real pets!) around the house. They have electronic devices that emit sounds we cannot hear , nor can our pets, but the rats can! And they don't like, so they move on, quickly. Using these methods, rat activity is said to decrease within 6-10 days. And the units themselves last about 5-7 years.

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So I am feeling a tad better. Still, I do not plan on going in our garage under any circumstances for the time being. But with Victor having a special going on right now where I can get their combo kit for $99.99, I am hoping my self-imposed garage moratorium will be lifted sooner rather than later.

Excuse me while I go shiver and freak out a bit more. Eww.

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@2023 HappyHealthyFamilies.com. All Rights Reserved.