The Princess and the Pee Helps With Bedwetting and Potty Training

 Written by author Susan Meyers, The Princess and The Pee is about a little girl, Princess Pia and her struggles with wetting the bed.

Princess Pia shares a bunk bed with her sister, The Darling Milicent, who sleeps on the top bunk.  But Pia decides she would like to sleep on the top bunk so she can see fireflies outside the window.

Milicent does not want to change bunks until Pia can stop wetting the bed. They make a bet, and if Pia can stay dry for seven nights, she’ll get her wish.

 The story goes on to show the ways Pia tries to wake up at night to keep from wetting her bed . Throughout the story Pia is reassured by her mom, who explains to her that  her body will grow and it’ll happen on its own.

The illustrations are wonderful, and the story itself is reassuring with humor and fun mixed in as Pia attempts to find a way to wake up at night to use the bathroom. For families dealing with potty training and bed wetting issues, it is a great book to have on hand! It is also a chapter book which can make a great choice for a bedtime story as well!

You can find The Princess and the Pee at Amazon for $10.

I wrote this review as a resource for parents. I did not receive any compensation of any kind for writing this review.

@2023 All Rights Reserved.

@2023 All Rights Reserved.