What Tops Your List as the Yuckiest Thing You've Ever Done For Your Kids?

Moms are the champions of grossness. Really who else does things for their kids like we do? Even dads would probably come in third, at best, with maybe Grandma coming in second. I am talking things like cleaning your baby's pacifier with YOUR MOUTH (yes, I have done that--eek.) when there was no water anywhere near by--things like that!

Thanks to motherhood, I have found myself doing things I would have never ever have thought I would. Here is a sampling of the grossness I have been involved in ~

letting my kids use my shirt as a tissue (ew)

that pacifier cleaning thing I mentioned before

cleaning poop from surfaces it should never have been smeared found on

cleaning vomit from my hair (not my vomit either) when holding a sick child who used me as a throw up solution

going through (very icky) garbage looking for something that was lost by a child (sometimes going through it twice when hysterics over lost item threatened to scar my kid for my life)

It is amazing what we moms do out of love for our kids. More amazing is that we would do any of them again, in a second, for our kids.

So what is one of the grossest things you have done for your kid?

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@2023 HappyHealthyFamilies.com. All Rights Reserved.