Review: Mega Bloks Domino Build Game

 My kids recently played with a new board game, Mega Bloks Domino Build. Both of my boys loved it--really loved it, though for different reasons. Did you think there was a touch of surprise in my voice there? You would have thought right. I fully expected my 4 year old to enjoy the game, but  I also expected my 6 year old to be quite a bit less enthusiastic about the game.
 I was wrong on both counts.
My first grader literally wanted to play Domino Build over and over that first day, and has continued to show a strong interest in this game since then. My four year old loves to play with the large building pieces, but is not nearly as interested in playing the actual game.

My perceptions of this game is that first, it is a particularly easy game for my six year old to play. Which is precisely why I thought he would be less interested in it. Turns out, this is precisely why he loves playing it! Which brings me to my other thought about this particular board game: it seems whomever goes first almost always wins. Thus, the smarty-pants six year old always convinces his little brother to go second. And you know how that game ends, right?

There are a couple of reasons why I do like Domino Build, though. One is that it reinforces patterns and colors for my pre-kindergartner, and also provides him the opportunity to use his imagination in creating his own 'animal' characters. He puts those animal mega-blocks together in so many alternate ways--it is cute!

A second reason I enjoy this game is simply because my 6 year old enjoys it so much. He laughs and smiles so much every time he plays it--and I love that. I think he really feels confident playing it just because he so fully understands it. Plus, it never hurts to reinforce building patterns, numbers and even good sportsmanship at any age!

The features of Domino Build include:
  • 4 block builds
  • 11 zoo animals featured on dominos
  • Includes: 16 maxi bloks, 30 domino tiles, and 1 instruction sheet
  • 2-4 players

Final thoughts: I do absolutely believe that  for pre-schoolers and on up through six year olds, this is a fun game with educational aspects that is well worth the purchase ($10.99 @ Amazon)

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I wrote this post for a blog tour with Team Mom and received a MEGA Bloks Domino Build game to help facilitate my review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine. (and my kids!)

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