Apr 8, 2011

Comment Love Weekend Blog Hop (4/8)

Comment Love Weekend
It's time for the Comment Love Weekend Blog Hop!  

How it Works:
Link up your blog, then visit other participants over the weekend, being sure to Follow and/ or Leave Comments. Make sure to mention you are doing Comment Love Weekend!

When you get a comment or are followed from a CLW participant, please comment/follow back and keep the sharing going!

Remember, after linking up, you need to leave some comments on participating blogs to get comments back from other participants.

And if you like, grab a CLW button and paste it on your site --the more people joining in, the more comment love that gets shared!

** I have been pretty sick this week with the flu, courtesy of my adorable 4 year old--so I did not get around to selecting a co-host. I apologize and promise I will do so next weekend!!**

And if you would like the code for this blog hop, click here!


LaVonne said...

I am sorry you are sick with the flu. That is not fun. I had it a week or so ago too. After my husband and 3 year old got it. I was the hold out. Not fun!


Ourfamilyworld said...

Thank you for hosting this hop.
I hope you are feeling better. It's hard for the family when mom is sick. I always have my kids flus too. Spring is around the corner so kids will be less sick

MusingMom6 said...

Hi! New hopper here. I was checking mail on my phone over coffee and found you on the MBN.

Hope you get to feeling better. I will add your button to my blog hop scrolling widget when the storm passes and I can get to the desk top.

Jessica said...

I haven't participated in a couple weeks, but I'm back! I hope you feel better soon!
I blog at Work From Home Star.

Michelle said...

Get well soon!! Thanks for hosting this!! I love your blog and follow it. new liker on facebook!! Looking forward to your posts!!


Thank you for having the blog hop...

I hope you're feeling better ~I understand! It seems as if we've been sick FOREVER!

@ http://mommetime.com/

Rondi said...

Thanks so much for the link up and hosting this blog hop! Hope you are feeling better soon. Cannot wait to visit the blogs listed this weekend! :)