Zippies: Pals That Hang Around!

My boys and I were recently sent Zippies: Pals That Hang Around to review. These cute name tag guys are perfect to attach to backpacks, water bottles, zippers, and really, almost anything! You write emergency information on one side of the Zippy, and the other side sports the face of an adorable character.

My boys loved them. My six year old immediately put on on his backpack while my four year old decided to hang one from his jeans belt loop. When my son returned home from school, he proudly announced that 'all the kids now wanted a Zippie for their backpacks!' He was delighted in the fact that he brought something new and cool to school!

What is so great about these ID tags is that kids love them, they are cool and trade-able (such a big plus!) and parents can feel better about knowing important information is within reach if needed. But also important is the fact that these cute little tags can help prevent kids from spreading colds and coughs as well. I personally like the idea of attaching Zippies to water bottles to help prevent germs from spreading around! Not to mention it helps prevent arguments between the kids too!

The Series 1 Limited Edition, includes 10 characters, each adorable with their own 'personality.'  There will be more Zippies to follow, and I know my boys are excited to see what characters come next! 

You can order a set of 10 Zippies online for $29.95, plus shipping, or a set of 5 for $19.95 plus shipping. You can also order individual Zippies for $4.98, plus shipping.

Also, be sure to check out the Zippies Fun Zone for kids when you visit the website --  just a little extra something for the kids to do on these long summer days! 

Disclosure: We received a complimentary set of Zippies for this review. All opinions and thoughts stated in this review are mine only.

@2023 All Rights Reserved.

@2023 All Rights Reserved.