Happy Fourth of July!

Hope everyone is enjoying a relaxing day today. I am so engrossed in the Casey Anthony trial (anyone else??) and am obsessed with waiting for the jury decision to come down.....

I am also on baby watch : It's been rumored that Victoria Beckham is having her baby girl today. Or not. I have
been reading and hearing that today was the day Ms. Posh was having a planned C-Section. But now some rep is saying this is not true.

I did think picking the Fourth of July was a bit odd to pick for a child's birthday, but you know, we are talking celebrities, so anything goes, right?

Anyway, there may or not be a new Spice baby today.

Other than those two things, I am hanging out w/ the kiddos, the hubby and our dogs.

And, btw,  I cannot believe we are already in July?!

Does this mean we will soon be talking Christmas?

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@2023 HappyHealthyFamilies.com. All Rights Reserved.