Last Minute Costume Help: DIY Angel Wings

DIY Angel Wings For Halloween

Got a DIY Angel Costume in mind for Halloween this year for your little one? Since my two little goblins are boys, and my daughter is definitely past the cute angel or princess costumes - I can't take advantage of this super cute easy idea for angel wings from but maybe you can. All you really need are white coffee filters, cardboard, shoelaces and glue!

Easy and Fast DIY Angel Wings:

Draw the shape of two angel wings on cardboard; cut them out.

Decide on the most comfortable spot for your child to wear her wings, then punch 4 holes in the cardboard. String shoelaces through them to tie around your child's shoulders.

Fold coffee filters in half and adhere them with tape or glue to the cardboard to resemble feathers.

Easy and  super-fast, right?

Add a white dress, nightgown or use a white sheet to make the Angel Dress and you are basically all set!

If you have gold or silver pipe cleaners laying around, you can shape a halo out of them. Or maybe use a hangar or wire. But even without a halo, your little one will look like a cute angel! Got sparkles? Add them to the wings.