Cute Homemade Turkey Decoration To Make With the Kids

This cute thankful turkey craft is so easy to make, you and your kids may want to make more than just one this Thanksgiving. It comes from Parent's Magazine, and I wanted to share it here because it is so s-i-m-p-l-e!! 

And I am all about simple, cheap homemade crafts and decorating!

All you will need are two Styrofoam balls, some brown yarn or twine, a bit of felt, and some construction paper. 

Cover the smaller ball with light brown yarn, and the larger with dark brown yarn. Attach the head to the body with a wooden craft stick. 

Create simple facial features using felt: white circles (approximately the size of a quarter, with 1/8-inch pom-poms for pupils) for eyes, yellow triangles for the beak, and long red felt teardrops as the wattle. 

Cut feather shapes from colored craft paper and bend in half lengthwise to create a seam. 

Kids can write what they are thankful for on each feather. Then glue a wooden craft stick to the bottom third of each feather and insert the feathers in a fan shape on the turkey body.

And it is easy enough to figure out some substitutions if you do not have all those items available. 

For example, you could use a tennis ball for the turkey's head-even use a brown sock for the covering of the head instead of yarn as well. 

The eyes and nose can always be made out of construction paper or buttons. 

But the basic idea is so easy and cute it would make a fun Thanksgiving Day craft for kids and a pretty simple table centerpiece!

@2023 All Rights Reserved.

@2023 All Rights Reserved.