No Batteries Required: Getting Kids to Play the Old Fashioned Way! Submit an Idea to Win a $10 Amazon Gift Card!

Our living room and family room floors are both strewn with various different toys throughout the day (and many nights too when I skip clean-up detail!)

And most of these abandoned toys have been left alone because the batteries ran out. So while I am certainly not bashing all toys here, after all, many of them do provide educational fun too, I admit I get tickled when I see my kids leave those aside for a while and choose instead to play imagination-based games instead. Balance is a good thing, after all.

I love hearing them lay out the 'rules' of their latest role-playing games, and then watching (while pretending not to watch, of course!) them as they take on their roles and play their game. This kind of play brings them closer together, encourages them to solve problems together and share ideas. Plus they are moving, not sitting on a couch!

 Good old fashioned playtime is hard to beat. So in brainstorming "No Batteries Required Activities for Kids," this is what I have come up with (so far):

Kick Ball
Hand Ball
Hide 'N Seek
Duck Duck Goose
Hop Scotch
Hula Hoop
Jump Rope
Blind Man's Bluff
Musical Chairs
Indoor Camping
Pillow Fights!
Start a Story- each person continues a 'Once Upon a Time' story with a new word
Imagine a Monster - each person adds a characteristic to an imaginary monster
Have a Tea Party/Hot Cocoa Party
Bake Cookies

But this list is just a mere starting point.

What old-fashioned kid games and activities you would add to the list?? 

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