Kindercare's Winter Camp

While my second grader is happily gearing up for his winter break from school, I am mentally preparing myself for that final hectic week before Christmas day arrives, when I will be dealing with last minute shopping, gift wrapping, baking, tree-decorating,, etc., while trying to keep two very energetic little boys entertained. Not to mention I will still need to accomplish a few work-oriented deadlines. Sound familiar? The thought of trying to keep my munchkin boys from complaining about being bored, jumping off my couches, begging to go to the park, deciding they are starving to death every 15 minutes, and fighting over toys neither one has cared about for months is terrifying making me slightly anxious.

So yep, I am considering doing something I have not done before.

Sending my boys to winter camp.

(Seriously now, what did you think I meant??)

KinderCare is proud to announce that this year's Winter Camp is believed to be the best yet! Combining fun and learning, KinderCare offers programs that kids think are cool and parents know are smart - they balance loads of fun with a healthy dose of learning.

From December 19th - December 23rd and December 27th - December 30th, both preschool and school-age children can participate in KinderCare's Winter Camp. Children will explore the science of chemical reactions and learn about the magic of flight through educational and hands-on themed activities, including "Bubble Trouble," "Volcano Blast," "Helicopter Propellers," and "Balloon Rockets."

So if you are like me and are wondering how you will entertain your kids while you finish Christmas shopping, wrapping, cooking, baking, decorating and still trying to work, take a minute to check out KinderCare's winter camp-it just might be a perfect solution! For more information and to find a KinderCare camp near you visit

**And be sure to check out some cool science experiments to do at-home by logging onto!**

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@2023 All Rights Reserved.