Should Hospitals Give Into Celebrities' Indulgent Demands at The Expense of Other Patients?

Like so many others, I was very excited to hear that Beyonce had given birth to her baby this past weekend.  

Like so many others today, I am disheartened by the reports that the super- star couple placed such strong-handed demands on the hospital that other parents also in the hospital were adversely affected.

I had heard the rumors like everyone else had, that Jay-Z had reserved a private floor at the hospital, paying $1.3 million to do so, and the couple's own security team would pretty much be in full force. They are famous and they have money. Lots of money. So it was not a big leap to imagine the couple being a bit 'extreme' when it was time for the birth of Blue Ivy.

But some reports say that Beyonce and her mogul singer husband made it clear with their demands that they had little respect or concern for other patients and families in the hospital.

Parents are speaking out about how poorly they were treated while Beyonce was in the hospital, with one father reporting he was denied access by Jay-Z's security team to the ICU unit where his premature twin babies were being treated because that particular hallway was closed off for Jay-Z and Beyonce.

I have had a child in the ICU. I pity the person that would try to keep me from my child, ever, but try to do so when he is sick? Seriously???

One of the {alleged} requests demands that Jay-Z and Beyonce had was for the hospital personnel to turn in their cell phones (okay, so no sneaking pictures of the new baby, I can get that.) But what I am having an issue with is that they also {allegedly} wanted all security cameras throughout the hospital to be covered. Which, {allegedly} they were.

Wait. Aren't those security cameras in place for the security of all patients? Don't other new parents also having babies that same weekend as Beyonce rely on those security cameras to help secure the safety of their newborns? Don't they deserve security measures as well, even if they are not as wealthy or are celebrities?

I have no problem with anyone choosing to spend as much money as they want, or to go as luxurious in their own accommodations as they want to. But if anyone else is made to feel inferior, not respected, or made to give up their own rights so as to indulge others then something is wrong.

Of course we do not really know the whole truth- nor will we, probably. Maybe the complaints from other parents were exaggerated.  Maybe feelings were hurt if it seemed that little Blue's birth overshadowed other parents celebrating their 'bundles of joy' being born that same weekend, thus sparking some to voice their concerns.

Maybe this whole 'diva' birth thing is just drama and not fact. Maybe Beyonce and Jay-Z really do have respect for others and just didn't realize they might be stepping on some toes.


I hope so.

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@2023 All Rights Reserved.