3 Easy Bird Feeders To Make With Your Kids

3 DIY Bird Feeders

Is it spring break yet in your neck of the woods? It is drawing near for my kids, so I am perusing the web in search of fun spring break ideas for us to do together. We have a great backyard and a couple of trees, so I thought of making simple bird feeders with the kids.

I wanted to find easy creative feeders to make, using materials and items around our house. There were so many suggestions out there, but I finally picked the three I thought were perfect for us to try!

Cookie Cutter Bird Feeder

  • Get a piece of bread. Hard, stale bread is perfect!
  • Find a cookie cutter that fits on as much of the bread as possible.
  • Use the cookie cutter and cut a shape out of the slice of bread.
  • Use a straw to poke a small hole in the center of the bread shape.
  • String the yarn through the hole and tie a loop.
  • Hang it outside in a tree! (Hang your bird feeder at the end of a smaller branch so squirrels don't get it.)
[Family Crafts]

Recycled Milk Carton Bird Feeder 

  • Wash and dry the milk carton.
  • Staple top shut. [parent job!]
  •  Make a hole that is about 21/2 " wide or cut a square hole -make hole on both sides.[Again, parents!]
  • Make a tiny hole, on both sides, to slide some sort of perch into. (Try a pencil, dowel, or maybe a Popsicle stick. Just something the birdies will enjoy sitting on for a few minutes!)
  • Decorate!!
  • Fill with bird seed and hang on the end of tree branch with string or wire. 

DIY Mini Bird Feeders 

I think this is especially fun for the younger set as it is a messy and mushy - perfect for little hands!

Things needed: Birdseed, peanut butter (or honey in case of allergies), silicone ice cube molds, ribbon
  • Mix birdseed and peanut butter (or honey) until texture of play-doh. 
  • Step 2: Spoon enough of the birdseed mixture into the mold to cover the bottom
  • Step 3: Place the end of a piece of ribbon in the center of each mold
  • Step 4: Cover completely with birdseed mixture
  • Step 5: Freeze overnight
  •  Pop bird feeders out of molds and hang outside (preferably on a cooler day — if it’s too hot out, the peanut butter may melt!)

And here are a couple more cute ideas for homemade bird feeders you can check out!

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