'Kiss-Feeding': Things That Make Me Go Hmm.

Alicia Silverstone is definitely what anyone would consider a hands-on devoted mommy. And then some. Ever since the Clueless actress posted a video of herself 'kiss-feeding' her 11-month-old son, Bear, moms everywhere have been discussing, sharing and questioning, this bizarre unusual method of feeding your baby.

I will say right now, upfront, that this 'kiss-feeding' is not for me. Or would not have been for me back in the day when I had babies, of course. But I will add that if it works For Alicia and Bear, then who am I to say anything negative about it?

Just one thing kind of bothers me - the germs. I can't get past the thought that bacteria and germs from her mouth must get into Bear's mouth. Wouldn't you think so, too? Maybe it is a small enough amount that it doesn't matter, but still. Hmm.

One more thing (I guess two things bother me, actually) - why is she feeding the little guy this way? Bear is 11 months old after all. Shouldn't he be 'playing' with his food now? Learning about textures and having fun smashing, mashing and throwing his food? Maybe Alicia combines both feeding methods - a little kiss-feeding here, a little self-feeding there.

 I actually get a bit squeamish watching the video - and this coming from a mom like so many that has been pooped on, vomited on, and been used as a human Kleenex way too many times to count. I totally get chewing a bit of food for your baby, then putting it on a spoon and feeding it to them, but I have to admit I just can't get on board with transferring the food from my mouth to the baby's mouth (makes me think of mommy birds feeding their babies.)

Maybe it's a bonding thing. And really, it is cool that this works for Silverstone and her baby. They both look so happy and she in particular looks like she is in mommy-hood bliss. And certainly not concerned about what others might think. So kudos to her!

But for me....Kiss-Feeding?

Just one more thing that makes me go Hmm.

How about you?

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@2023 HappyHealthyFamilies.com. All Rights Reserved.