Need a Last Minute Easter Basket?

If you are a 'wait to the last minute' Easter shopping mama, you may find yourself looking at dismally empty or almost empty store shelves when you get to the store. That's right- the cutest stuff will be gone. The adorable baskets, the yummiest candy, the sweetest Easter stuffies - all gone.

But there is hope. Yes, you can go home and make this awesome Easter basket using your stash of brown paper bags and glue. And scissors.

Lia over at posted the tutorial - and while I do not have a glue gun, I am thinking it might work with just regular glue. ( Lia??) After all, it really needs to make it through one day.

But seriously, this is one adorable basket-not to mention one of the cutest ways to recycle grocery bags! If I can get my craftiness up to par, these baskets would be fun to make throughout the year, not just for Easter.

Maybe I will even invest in a glue gun.

Love it? Want to make it? Check out Lia's full tutorial at Ellinee.

@2023 All Rights Reserved.

@2023 All Rights Reserved.