[Did You Know?] Boppy Supports Moms in Need

Did you know that the Boppy company - you know...they make those seriously wonderful baby support pillows and shopping cart covers....  is known for providing support to moms?

And did you know that this Mother’s Day, they are supporting moms who need it most by partnering with Nurse-Family Partnership® to provide Boppy® Pillows to at-risk mothers and their babies?

And all anyone has to do to help is just click on the “Give Your Support” icon you will find on the Boppy website.

Just click.

And one dollar will be donated toward a  Boppy® Pillow for a new mom in need. 

Their goal is to donate $20,000 worth of Boppy® Pillows.

So won't you just run on over to www.boppy.com and click?

Happy Mother's Day!

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@2023 HappyHealthyFamilies.com. All Rights Reserved.