General Mills Cereal Coupons - Get Yours Today!

Cereal can be a nice thing. My kids are now at an age where they can pretty much grab the box and pour their own bowl - milk and all. Like I said, nice. The problem - because there is always something - is that cereal can be expensive (and we will not get into the sugars that some of them have - those we simply avoid altogether.)

So I will tend to use coupons for cereal even though I have some kind of weird relationship with coupons overall. We kind of ignore each other. What? So I am not a big coupon person - I admit it, am a little ashamed of it, and am learning to deal with it.

But, like I said, since we go through a lot of cereal at our house, my eyes and ears perk up when cereal coupons are mentioned. And General Mills is mentioning some pretty cool ones today - take a peek:

Plus, here is another coupon for Yoplait Yogurt -

How many boxes of cereal does your family go through each week?

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@2023 All Rights Reserved.