Quaker Soft Baked Bars: Warm Goodness in the Mornings

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Quaker Oats. All opinions are 100% mine.

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Quaker Oats has recently introduced a new snack bar - their Quaker Soft Baked Bar. What makes these different than other snack bars, you ask?  They are made with real fruit and nuts and they can be heated up in the microwave
for a warm delicious treat that will not only help fuel up your day, but will also help keep you and your stomach happy until your next meal. 

One Quaker Soft Baked Bar has 140 calories, 5 grams of fiber and 6 grams of protein. And did I mention they are an excellent source of 5 B vitamins? A  breakfast snack  that you can feel good about your kids grabbing in the morning!

With my 3 kids, having healthy go-to snacks available at ALL hours of the day is a must though - not just at breakfast. I am talking from the moment they open their eyes in the morning until the last one falls asleep at night - our kitchen is always being visited by at least one hungry child. (Where the heck do they put this food they consume??)

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Anyhoo- I am very happy to be able to add these new breakfast bars from Quaker to my pantry. The more wholesome food choices I have stocked up for my kids to easily grab and enjoy, the better!

I am also  thinking that with the two mouth watering flavors these breakfast snacks come in - Cinnamon Pecan Bread and Banana Nut Bread - it won't be just my kids grabbing these bars. I love having a cup of coffee after the kids are off to school and the house is quite after the morning whirlwind - and with that cup of  coffee I usually have just a little something. What? I try to make it as healthy of a little something as I can.  

So now I have my sights set on the Banana Nut Bread bars. Heated up, of course.

Warm goodness from the microwave that will taste like I went to the bakery. And a quiet moment to savor it in. Perfection.
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@2023 HappyHealthyFamilies.com. All Rights Reserved.