The Lazy Days of Summer and The Quest to Spruce Up The House

This summer I have been working less on the computer. A. Lot. Less.

Could you tell?

And I am playing much more. A. Lot. More.

By playing I mean hanging out with my kids. We have been improving upon our lazy skills, practicing our swimming techniques, giving quality time to books, board games and crayons, and improving our lazy skills (did I mention that already??)

Yes,  I have been making family time w/ my kids a priority this summer (Note to my blogs: I love you all, really, I do, I just needed some space. You understand, don't you?)

I have also decided that it is beyond  time to do some 'sprucing' up around the house. Sadly, my blogging life has taken a toll on our poor home. How that happened, I just don't know. But I realized that my husband was going to bail I just could no longer hide my head under a pillow and hope all the messes would go away.

I needed time off. I needed to prioritize. I needed to breathe. I needed to clean the house.

So I have been sorting, organizing, tossing and boxing. Things.....I am boxing things up, not boxing with hubby or anything like that. Sheesh.

And I have been rearranging furniture.

Which brought me to the realization that we need new dining room chairs. Like yesterday.

Seriously, we have a fairly nice dining room table, but over the last couple of years, we have lost most of the original chairs that came with it. By lost I mean broken. And we just have never gotten around to doing much about getting new chairs for the dining room table.

The couches and floor have done their duty well as stand-ins, but I have decided no more. It has been far too long since we have had regular sit down dinners at the table as a whole family. I aim to change that.

New dining room chairs will be mine before summer ends. 

I need sturdy chairs that can take the punishment of two little boys. But I also need pretty. I like pretty

I have been searching on the Internet a bit, and have found a great selection of dining chairs I think might work. These ones in particular caught my eye...

They look like they could stand up to the rigors of two little boys while still looking pretty.

And I really love these.....

I am so looking forward to having a nice dining room table with chairs again. I really do miss having family time around the dinner table. Le Sigh.

This summer has made me slow down, re-prioritize and enjoy just being mom again. Life got so busy there for a while, I think I was forgetting how.

My new motto: Slow Down, Relax, and Enjoy. And Eat at a Real Table Every Day.

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@2023 All Rights Reserved.