Skinny Minnie: Disney Characters Get Makeovers

Buzzing about the web this week are pictures of Minnie Mouse, Goofy and Daisy Duck all slimmed down - way down - for a new Christmas campaign developed by Barney's New York and Disney.

Making Halloween Costumes This Year? Yea, Probably Not.

I know we are barely done with the 'back-to-school' craziness, but I am going to hazard a guess that many moms out there are now entering Halloween planning mode...because no way can I be the only one.

I have started perusing the web in search of cute handmade Halloween costumes for my boys (( It is my obligatory mission every year to say that this Halloween I am going to make costumes for my kids, not buy them from the store.))

So right off the bat I came across this too cute and 'way too easy it is ridiculous' dinosaur costume idea.

The main item needed for this costume are green sponges! Just cut them up into triangle shaped wedges and glue or sew them on to clothing. This is a costume for little kids, and  my now 'bigger kids,' wouldn't thinks it was so cute, but I had to share!

And I loved this idea for making easy reindeer antlers.

 To make these antlers, stuff white cotton gloves with batting or other material, then sew them on a cap. Instant reindeer antlers! Now that is one smart idea.

Again, this won't work for my boys, but it is a great idea all the same.

This one is awesome:

A golfer. No real directions needed here, this costume idea is pretty self explanatory.

I also really liked this idea.....

Mad Scientist extraordinaire!

My boys are dedicated store-bought Halloween Costume type kids however. They always have been, no matter how many cute ideas I try to bribe them with. So I doubt this year will be any different. But somehow it just makes me feel better to at least pretend try to become one of those creative moms that put together awesome costumes.

Maybe I switch to looking for Halloween costumes for dogs.

If you are searching for Halloween costume ideas, check out's where I found these!

Kindergarten Update

Last week we had tears. Today we had.....



Yes, the picture is fuzzy, and I know it is not the biggest smile ever, but my little guy is.not.crying.

This mommy is feeling much better today!

Kindergarten Tears

Aargh. Took my five year old to Kindergarten today and he cried. When he cries, he tries so hard to be brave that he cries that quiet kind of cry with tears rolling down his face.

My heart broke.

Unique Wedding Ideas for Fall Weddings

Since we have a Fall wedding to go to this year - October to be exact - I now have weddings on my mind.  Fall is one of the best seasons for weddings I think because it is my favorite season of the year, hands down, neither too hot nor too cold. It's a perfect time to get together with family, be inspired by tradition and enjoy a cozy backyard or smaller, more intimate gathering. No matter how you plan your wedding, be sure to personalize it so the day reflects you and your spouse to be. (well, mostly you, shhh...)

Here are a  few wedding planning tips from Beau-Coup I thought I'd share with anyone reading here that is in the midst of everything flowers, wedding dresses, receptions, bridesmaids dresses, and all that glorious bridal stuff!!

Weddings are best remembered for their uniqueness. Start out by picking a theme for your wedding. Next step is to personalize it. You and your fiancé might share a common interest or a hobby which you can integrate into your wedding theme. With a fall wedding, you can incorporate darker hues for colors or leaf, twig or pinecone motifs. These can be incorporated into everything including the color of the bridesmaids' dresses to the flowers, table linens, invitations, wedding favors and even the wedding cake. Let both of your personalities flow all throughout your wedding. This is your day, so spoil yourself and go with your gut! Invite and explore unique wedding ideas into your theme!

Ceremony and Reception Details
Once you have decided upon a theme, select your wedding attire, flowers and centerpieces to go with it.

Wedding Attire
Just to give you an idea, fall wedding dresses are whimsical, romantic, and inspired by old Hollywood glam. It is all about laces, chiffons, light silks, satins, pearls, crystals and breezy silhouettes. Here's an idea: you can have your bridesmaids wear cocktail dresses instead of floor length gowns, or you can just give them swatches of your color motif and have them buy their own dresses. This will be cost-effective and stress free.

You can read the rest of this article on While you are there check out their fantastic selection of fall wedding favors.

Waterbabies Dolls From Playmates Toys: Review and Giveaway!

Waterbabies are back! Playmates Toys is introducing its Waterbabies brand to a new generation of little girls with a relaunch of the classic baby doll line that has sold over 20 million dolls since debuting in 1991.

"Our Dream to Be™ Waterbabies want to grow up to be someone special, and they do it in adorable, appealing style. The Giggly Wiggly Waterbabies doll giggles when you touch her and looks like she's really sucking on her bottle or pacifier. The Waterbabies Twins and Twincesses brings twice the fun to playtime! Waterbabies are for every little girl who wants to love and nurture a special doll.

When my daughter was younger, some of her most favorite baby dolls were the kind that did not come with fancy bells and whistles - just a cuddly sweet baby needing to be hugged and loved. I have to say, those were my favorite kinds of dolls as well. No batteries needed - I love toys like that!

Waterbabies come with an easy-fill funnelWhen you fill your Waterbabies® doll with warm water using the funnel, she instantly becomes a soft, warm cuddly baby. Even my 5 year old little boy loved snuggling with the one we received for this review!

Take a peek at some of the adorable dolls available (squee!)

Waterbabies Dream To Be™ Fabulous comes dressed in a hot pink onesie with silk-screened jewelry and animal print trim.

Matching pink headband with over-sized animal print bow gives a final touch of glamor.

Too. Darn. Cute.

And for the ballerina in your life......

Waterbabies Dream To Be™ Ballerina doll comes dressed in a pink satiny onesie with tutu skirt and metallic trim.
Matching headband with pink satin flower complete the look!

Want to see more cuteness?

You can Buy your own adorable Waterbabies Doll at the Playmates Toys website. They are priced at just $11.99 which I think is fantastic.


Enter to win one right here!

Playmates Toys is generously giving away TWO Waterbabies Dolls so two lucky readers can each win one of these sweet baby dolls!

a Rafflecopter giveaway Disclosure: I received one Waterbabies Doll to facilitate this review and giveaway. All opinions stated here are mine.

Update: The Lazy Days of Summer (and the forlorn and neglected blog

My blog has been suffering from a severe case of neglect this summer.

As the lazy days of summer went on, my blogging mojo seemed to melt away more with each passing day.

Not sure where it went, or why it left, but it just did.

I think it is coming back.

Look for a 'just in time for Christmas'  toy giveaway ( is an adorable doll!!) that I will get posted in the coming week, as well as my review of Hoover's Max Extract 60 ( I have clean carpets now....really clean! And the Best part  is that now I can clean my carpets Anytime I feel like it!!!. SQUEE!)

Yes, summer has been tough on this little blog of mine. But the kiddos go back to school next week, and I intend to jump back in to the posting pool with both feet.

Stay tuned.