Pink Pumpkins For Halloween, Breast Cancer Awareness

Buy a pink pumpkin this October. Seriously, a pink pumpkin. October is not all about Halloween, it is also Breast Cancer Awareness month. And this year there is a fantastic way to celebrate both: Pink Pumpkins! The Pink Pumpkin Patch Foundation, a nonprofit organization that funds breast cancer research, has just announced the release of  pink pumpkins - and they want to see one on everyone's front porch this October!

Did you realize (you probably do, of course, just bears repeating I think,) that except for skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common cancer among American women and is one of the leading causes of death among women?

In support of “Pink Pumpkins on Your Porch,” the Pink Pumpkin Patch Foundation has partnered with pumpkin farm owners and growers across the country who have agreed to donate 25 cents per pumpkin sold to the Pink Pumpkin Patch Foundation. Funds will then be awarded to breast cancer research organizations who meet grant criteria.

The foundation, which was created this year, promises to oversee the donations,and ensure that the funds go directly to reputable organizations with the highest percentage of dollars spent on actual research. Their stance is to be transparent, with a board that volunteers its’ time, no paid employees and low administrative costs.

You can find the pink pumpkins (they have a pink hue to if you are thinking bright pink ... not so much,) this October at major grocery retailers nationwide, including Walmart, Kroger, Ralph’s, Cub Foods, Lunds and Byerly’s, Safeway/Vons, Home Depot, Sweetbay Supermarket, King Soopers, Raley’s, Acme, Farm Fresh, Shop and Save and more.

 Pink is In this Halloween. Are you??

(This is not a compensated post in any way. I just truly wanted to share this important pink news and ask everyone to join in with me and go pink this October!!)

@2023 All Rights Reserved.

@2023 All Rights Reserved.