Got Dandruff? Try Green Tea!

Who knew green tea could help fight dandruff ?

How To Use Green Tea To Stop Dandruff Itch 

First brew a cup of green tea (why not make it two cups of tea....drink one for your health and use one for your itchy scalp!!)

Sip some tea while letting the the other cup of tea cool down.

Next, gently massage the tea into your hair and scalp - and leave it on all night.

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How On Earth  Does Green Tea Help With My Dandruff ??

Well, according to research, the antioxidants in green tea (and we all know about those!) actually keep dandruff flakes under control by slowing down the over-production of skin cells. (Dandruff is caused by a natural process in which dead cells are replaced by new ones on the scalp. For some people, flakes form at a higher rate because this cell turnover happens more frequently.)

There you have it. While this is by no means guaranteed to help with dandruff, it may be worth a try. Have you used green tea to help fight dandruff?

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@2023 All Rights Reserved.