Cool 4th Of July Craft Idea {Got Potatoes?}

Planning a Fourth of July party? Or maybe you just need a cool  4th Of July craft idea for the kids?

This project is easy-peasy, fun and makes a great way to decorate for summer parties as well! All you need is a potato and some paint.

First, cut a washed and dried potato in half.

Next, draw a star on one of the potato halves (on the fleshy side)

Cut away the surrounding potato (about 1/4" deep) until you have a star-shaped stamp that kids can hold onto.

Pour a little blue paint in a bowl for kids to dip in their potato star stamp.

Then let the kids can get stamp happy and craft all kinds of fun Fourth of July decorations such as...

T-Shirts, posters, napkins, and tablecloths

Super easy, fun and cheap craft for kids to make this Fourth of July!

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