Jun 23, 2013

Monopoly Millionaire - Family Fun Night Revived!

Monopoly Millionaire revived our family fun nights. For about $10, Friday night became one of our best game nights yet.

My son has been begging me to buy this latest version of the old classic board game. Last night, I conceded. Checking out the Target and Walmart websites, it turns out Walmart had the game on sale  for $9.84 while Target listed it at $18. 

Unfortunately Walmart is a lot farther away from our house than is Target {A. Lot. Farther.} And I was alot tired. Location won out over price, and off to Target we went. Once there, I checked to see if they did that best price-matching thing - turns out they do! 

The very nice customer service person confirmed Walmart at the game at a lower price, so they matched it!  Sweet {And I felt so proud of myself. The little things, you know?)

And so Friday fun night was on. Two bowls of popcorn, one large bowl of grapes, a platter of cheese and crackers, lots of laughter and smiles later, my daughter was proclaimed the victor {and a new millionaire!}

The Xbox stayed silent the whole night. 
The boys and their sister did.not.fight. Nope, not once. 
We stayed up late, laughed, told silly jokes and had a blast.

When the hubby and I were tucking our sleepy boys into bed, and our daughter said her good-nights, I whispered to him that was the best $10 I have spent in a very long time.

No video games, no cell phones, no Facebook, no iPad or iPods.

Well played, Monopoly Millionaire. Well played.

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