A Mom's Worst Nightmare: Believe First, Judge Later

A mom posted yesterday that her son was missing. She posted this message and her plea for help and support on a very well-know forum for women. My heart broke for her when I read her plea. This is every mom's worst nightmare. Then I started reading the responses from others.

Unbelievable. I seriously could not believe some of the things being said by some posters.

Whether or not you believed this mother's plea for help, whether or not you believe her 17 year old son is really missing or not, why would anyone respond with cruel, vile remarks to this lady?

I can only hope this were a made up story to get some attention by the poster - though I really doubt it. However, if I were to go back to the forum and read that this was a hoax after all, I would be relieved. First and foremost, I would be relieved and grateful that there was not another child missing after all.

This mom should have received nothing but 100% support yesterday.

Thankfully, as the day went on and the replies increased, it did seem like more of the women responding were positive and supportive, sharing tears, prayers and hope for this mom and her son.

I am so disheartened by this whole thing. As women and mothers, shouldn't our first instincts be to believe this mom, to send her prayers, to offer her our full support, and to hug our kids?

Is it so hard to believe that this mom posted on social networks about her missing son as a way to help find him? What faster way to reach out and make others aware of a missing child than on social networks these days?

And so what if this turned out to be a sad call for attention (sadly, I don't think it is however.)

So. What.

Why not save any doubts, judgments and criticisms for - and if - we find out that this was a made-up story. We may never find out really. After all, why would this mom ever feel like updating anyone on that forum after the way she was basically attacked yesterday?

I pray that this mother's son is found safe and healthy today.
I pray that he is being just a teenager that has forgotten to check in with his mom.

And if this turns out to be a made-up story, I will feel nothing but relief. And a bit sad for the poster. I pray that this is the way this story ends.

Until we find out, this mom needs all our support and prayers.

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@2023 HappyHealthyFamilies.com. All Rights Reserved.