New Family Member Coming Soon....

Our family is growing! Our new four-footed furry family member is on her way and should be arriving this Wednesday.

My boys are over the moon. My daughter is delighted. The husband is dubious.

We have adopted a sweet little girl tabby named Abby, and we are all very excited {well, maybe not so much the two dogs or the husband.}

It was so NOT in my plans to adopt a new pet. The kids have asked many times over the past couple of years if we could get a new dog or cat - or snake or frog or lizard - and I have repeatedly said no. Two dogs were enough.

Then we met a little gray-striped cat who clearly believes she is part princess. And my once strong resolutions turned all mushy.

 This past Saturday I reluctantly agreed to take the boys to our nearby PetSmart after finally caving in to their annoying politely persistent begging pleas.

 I firmly laid down the law to the boys as I parked the car however. No trying anything sneaking with this mom - no way.

'We are just looking - we will buy the dogs a couple of new toys, then go get ice cream cones, that's it, guys. Do Not Ask To Buy a turtle, snake or other reptile. Of Any Kind.'

Then we saw the signs posted on the doors as we approached the store.

Cat Adoptions This Weekend.

There was no turning back. I knew it and the boys knew it. They smelled the sweet scent of victory in the air, without even having to enter battle.

Long story short, we met Abby  - and she won our hearts in minutes. We sat with her in the 'Meet and Greet ' room for about half an hour, and I knew she was perfect for our family. She not only let the boys pet her, she gently nudged hands when she wanted more. She purred and preened, she stroked legs with her tail as she sauntered around the room. She was the epitome of love - with a bit of princess tossed in for good measure.

So I found myself hastily - lest anyone else try to claim my new little girl - filling out the application to adopt. The process included an on-the-spot-interview that had me sweating profusely feeling just a tad nervous, and  a home inspection the following day.

Who knew adopting a cat would include a two-part mommy test? 

Thankfully I passed, and so did our house -  dogs, toys, clutter and all. Rather amazing, actually.

So Abby will be here Wednesday. And I am officially mommy to a princess cat.


@2023 All Rights Reserved.

@2023 All Rights Reserved.