It's a Pickley Sort of Monday

I didn't start out today with pickles on my mind. Really. Yet sometime between my first cup of coffee and my  third cup, I found myself immersed in learning about pickles. Specifically, how to make your own pickles. Did you know there are some truly easy homemade pickle recipes out there, just waiting for the likes of me to stumble upon them? I am talking recipes that even the person voted most likely NOT to be a kitchen diva could handle.

So how did my thoughts this Monday morning turn to pickles? I was enjoying my first cup of coffee as I mentioned before, while browsing one of my favorite sites - Woman's Day. Lo and Behold, a really adorable picture of a jar of pickles with a little fork cutely tied to it with some twine caught my eye. Instantly I thought of what an awesome gift this would make for any pickle lover on someone's Christmas list this year!

Yes...thoughts of Christmas are sneaking into my mind already, trying to compete with the many other thoughts rattling around in there.

Anyway, I started reading the article, which turned into a list of the best pickle recipes you can find on the internet. Before long, I was craving pickles and getting seriously caught up in how easy some of these were to make. And how delicious they all sounded - especially one recipe that called for gin.

So it came to be that I decided that I would have to try my hand at making my own pickles. The sweet and spicy pickle recipe I am going to try making comes from The View From Great Island. It  looks like something I can handle. Did I mention this is where that awesome pickle jar picture can also be found? Seriously, if you like making gifts for people, this is a really cute idea.

So today is Pickle Monday. I am already thinking of what Tuesday should be.

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