3 Simple Mason Jar Crafts For The Not So Crafty

This summer I co-hosted a baby shower for a family member, and for drinks we served homemade lemonade in mason jars. Thank-you, Pinterest!

I now have about a dozen or so extra mason jars sitting in my pantry practically begging to be used in some cute craft.

However, since I am not of the creative type, and seriously lack artistic skills, I needed to find really simple mason jar crafts that I know are manageable for me to do.

I love this Manicure in a Mason Jar Gift Idea!

3 really simple mason jar crafts

Adorable? Check.
Easy? Check.
Too Cute? Check.

Oh yea, I can see these mason jar soap dispensers sitting in my guest bathroom, absolutely!!

easy to make mason jar soap dispensers

Creative? Check!
Easy enough for moi to make? Check! (and that is not an easy criteria to meet!)
Too Cute (and Fun) Check!

And how about a little  Halloween fun in a Mason Jar

use a mason jar to hold holiday candy

We actually did something very similar to this idea for the baby shower. We used blue M&M's!

I.Heart.Mason Jars.