3 Simple Housekeeping Habits To Follow Every Sunday For a Clean Home

Need a few tried and true tips for keeping your house somewhat tidy and organized every week? Housekeeping experts have shared some of their best housekeeping habits that can help us in our quest for a clean home  - even with our kids and husbands doing their best to sabotage us!

Deal With That Pile of Clean Clothes that has grown exponentially throughout the week. You all know that pile, right? Be it on your bed, a chair, or the closet floor, there is likely a growing mountain of discarded clothing somewhere in your home. The clothes we (or our kids) try on, decide we don't like, and toss them aside.

Professional organizer, Bonnie Joy Dewkett at the The Joyful Organizer, says if we spend time every Sunday putting away clothes in the 'try' pile, the week ahead will be that much smoother (at least when it comes to get dressed.)

Amy Bates, owner of Merry Maids Tulsa Metro and blogger for Don't Look Under the Rug suggests we follow her habit of cleaning out the refrigerator on Sunday afternoons. Out with the old left-overs no one is going to eat, and start the week with a freshly stocked refrigerator.

Focus your deep cleaning on the most used room in your house. Whether you find yourself working mostly in kitchen, living room or office, spend extra time on Sundays cleaning, organizing, and simply getting that room for the busy week ahead.

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@2023 HappyHealthyFamilies.com. All Rights Reserved.