How One Mom's Words Brightened Another Mom's Day

"From a Mother Who Knows." These 5 words say so much. Especially when they are written in a note that was given from one caring mom to another who was having a 'not-so-good' day.

Lauren Nordberg promised her son pancakes after his dentist appointment, and she made sure to keep that promise. Elliot, her 6-year-old son diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, is sensitive to loud noises and changes in his routine. Unfortunately, on the day Nordberg took her son for the promised pancakes, the restaurant they went to - which happens to be Elliot's favorite - was loud and busier than usual. So busy did not get to sit in their usual spot.

On her Facebook page, Nordberg explains how her son quickly had a meltdown. So to avoid customers' stares, she took Elliot outside while they waited for their food. Elliot's mood improved when they came back in and he ate his pancakes. But when he was done, Elliot went right back into meltdown mode.

Here comes the part that will warm moms' hearts everywhere.

Nordberg quickly asked for her check. The waitress told her that her bill had already been paid for by another customer, and that the customer had left a note on the back of the check for Nordberg.

"I was crying, and the owner of the restaurant was crying too," Nordberg shared with CNN. "When I walk into places with him sometimes it feels like I am walking on pins and needles," she said. "To have someone say, I get it and it's OK ... it's a relief and it was really powerful."

To thank the anonymous mom, Norberg shared a picture of the message on her Facebook page.

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@2023 All Rights Reserved.