St.Patrick's Day Fun For Preschoolers

Have an adorable little leprechaun in your house who just loves to have a little mischievous fun now and again? There are so many ideas, recipes and crafts to explore on the internet, it was challenging to pick just a few for this list. If you love simple and fun, then these 5 St. Paddy's Day ideas might make you want to do a quick jig. Or not.

 5 Fun St. Patrick's Day Projects To Do With Your Preschooler

1. Let your little leprechaun use finger paints to make an adorable fingerprint rainbow pot of gold. Easy, messy fun for preschoolers (and parents too!)

2. Preschoolers love hunting for stuff, so go hunting for a few cool small rocks. Get some green paint and have a blast making a Blarney Stone, or let your kids paint the rocks green with cute leprechaun faces, shamrocks, and pots of gold.

3. Make these fun mini-shakers. They are easy to make, preschoolers will love shaking them and dancing to the sounds, plus you will be re-using plastic bottle caps! Find out how to make these cute St. Pat's Day music-makers at Buggy and Buddy.

4. Hide 'golden treasures' for your little leprechauns to find in this awesome St. Patrick's Day rice treasure box! Get the complete tutorial from Stephanie Morgan over at her eHow Mom Blog (or visit her at Modern Parents Messy for more of her great ideas!)


Now what preschooler would not love these cool rainbow binoculars made from toilet paper rolls?? These are perfect for kids to take when they go leprechaun hunting! Get the complete step-by-step directions for this fun St. Patrick's Day preschool  project  from sassydealz on Pinterest.

Happy Healthy Families is looking for awesome kid-friendly St. Patrick's Day Recipes. If you have one you would like to share, send a us a note!