What Special Mementos Are You Saving For Your Kids?

Moms save everything. EVERYTHING that our kids precious little hands have created, from those very first school-made drawings to every one of those amazing handmade Mother's Day gifts gets saved (along with a tear or two as we put these things away for safe keeping, right?)

Okay, maybe not Everything. But I am sure somewhere in your house there are things. Things you can't bear to part with, even though you really don't know where to put them. Things that make you get teary-eyed when you happen to come across them as you clean out a cupboard, drawer or closet. We all have those things, right?

But what are you saving to give to your kids when they are grown-up (one day, far, far, far away from now, of course.) What special mementos from yesteryear will you pass lovingly down to your children?

I know I have my mom's china, some of her jewelry, and pictures of my parent's wedding safely secure and ready to hand to my daughter one day. I have special school work for each of my kids to present to them one day that I imagine them laughing about and being so happy I saved it for them. I like to think they will be happy with those essays written when they were young, their first tests that proudly displayed 100% on them, and even report cards with teacher messages handwritten on them.

If you are trying to decide what things to save to give to your kids one day, or need ideas for things you could save for your children, Huffington Post has some awesome thoughts on the matter! Here their list of 10 special mementos you might consider tucking away now to save to give to your children one day.

(And guess what? Grandma's china is not one of them. On the other hand, old report cards did make the list.)

1. Your First Passport

2. Military Discharge Papers (If you have any)

3. A Real Printed Picture of Your Wedding (One of my favorites because there is nothing that compares to actually holding a picture in your hand, am I right?)

4. Something Belonging to the Oldest Living Relative that Your Kids Actually Know.

5. A sentimental piece of jewelry (Meaning not necessarily expensive.)

6. This one touched my heart the most: Dog Tags Worn by Their Childhood Pets. (teary-eyed about now, right?)

7. A Receipt With a Date on It. (Because who is not going to enjoy seeing how much eggs cost back in the day?)

8. A Picture of the Very First Time You Held Your Baby. (nothing need be said here.)

9. A Collection of Your Favorite Music (downloaded fro iTunes if possible.)

10. Highlights of their Childhood (This is where report cards come in. Trophies not so so much.)

What special things are you saving to give to your sweet kids one day? 

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@2023 HappyHealthyFamilies.com. All Rights Reserved.