Top New Toy Predictions For Christmas 2017

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Top Toys Predictions For Christmas 2017

Ready for a sneak peek of some of the hottest toys for Christmas this year? Hasbro has released their top picks for the toys kids will be asking Santa to bring them this holiday season. Just so you know, some of these toys may not actually hit the stores until this Fall.

According to the description, this newest Baby Alive doll cries real tears, frowns and will even let you know when she is coming down with a cold. You will have to wait a little longer to buy Baby Alive Sweet Tears, Hasbro says the doll should be available this Fall. But definitely keep an eye out for this one, it sounds like a very hot toy this holiday season!

Ages: 3 years and up. Price: $38.82 on Amazon now.

Hearing Things Headphones Game

Hearing Things from Hasbro is a game designed for teens and pre-teens.

Kids put on cool noise-cancelling headphones and then try to read the lips of their teammates as they say different phrases. The team who correctly reads the most phrases wins.

Hearing Things Game by Hasbro will be available this Fall. Price: $20

Ages: 12 years and up.


Disney Princess Dance Code Belle

Princess Dance Code Belle

Disney Princess Dance Code Belle helps children learn basic coding skills. They can even program their own dance routine for Belle to perform.

Dance Code Belle will be available Fall 2017. Expected Pricing Around $120


Pour Taste Game

What child doesn't like mixing liquids and creating their own potions? Hasbro's new game, Pour Tastelets kids have fun by coming up with their very own beverages.

Players each have a turn picking out six liquid ingredients. They will then spin a spinner to follow the directions on making a new drink.

Each player can decide if they want to actually try their new creation or take a pass.

Another possible contender for sleep-over games perhaps?

Ages:  8 and up.

Available Fall 2017. Price: $20


Paw Patrol Sea Patroller

Littlest Pet Shop Cruise Ship 

Littlest Pet Shop Cruise Toy
You can buy the Pet Shop Cruise Ship now for your Little Pet Shop fans at Toys R Us and Amazon now. Judging by how popular these toy play sets are, you probably shouldn't wait too long anyway. Best of all, this set comes with 3 new pets. Not to mention all those cute nautical accessories and features!

Ages 4 and older. Price: $40


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