Easy Back to School Organization Ideas (Simple Easy Ideas for Busy Moms)

Yesterday was check-in day at school for my 8th grader. 

Besides moaning about my baby starting his last year of middle school, (he will be in high school next year! ), I was trying to figure out how to get my kids organized for school this year.

I need CHEAP and EASY organization ideas at home ways to organize at home, that I will actually use.

(Because planning to stay organized is one thing. Actually following through and doing the things I need to do every day to stay organized are two very different things.)

Easy Back To School Organization Ideas For Home (For Busy Moms and Busy Kids)

I desperately need to get organized for back-to-school this year and for the paperwork that the kids bring home from school. Everyday.

And you know the papers that the kids bring home from school on day one, the papers you need to sign and return the next day??

Well, that is the one day of the school year that I feel organized. And I triumphantly declare that I was  the queen of back-to-school organization.

(Pipe in the theme song from "Rocky" here.)

This is how I picture my organizing skills at the start of every new school year.

organize paper clutter from school
The Krazy Coupon Lady

Then reality sets in. 

The Spruce.com

Cue the "Jaws" theme song.

I partly blame the schools for this. Seriously, why so many papers? 

In my organized fantasy life where I am a champion of all things paper, I see myself with this beautiful command center in my home.

how to stay organized
The Turquoise Home

Yep.  A gorgeous command center like this one is the ultimate dream for me.

But right now I need cheap easy back-to-school organization ideas for the home so that I can keep things simple around here and not have those crazy hectic mornings that busy moms dread.

Like when an important paper that must be signed and returned TODAY is nowhere to be found.

Or when your kids are yelling things like, "Mom, Where's My Backpack??"

(I have some cool space-saving backpack storage ideas too if you need them.)

And inexpensive plastic storage bins with drawers are perfect cheap and easy ways to help get organized for back to school.

Something like this.

where to put papers from school
The Child At Heart Blog

I really like this easy idea for organizing paper clutter. It's quick and cheap and I can see myself actually using it (which is half the battle when it comes to staying organized.)

It's also easy to keep this storage container in my kitchen area so I can easily keep papers organized and I can easily find them when the kids need them.

So no more school morning craziness when we cannot find a paper one of the kids brought home from school that needs to be signed and returned but has mysteriously disappeared never to be seen again.

It may not be pretty but it is an easy back-to-school organization idea that works!

I love this small storage organizer with drawers as well. It keeps school supplies for kids organized and easy for kids to get when they need them.

It might even encourage them to clean up and keep their school supplies organized when they are done using them.

This backpack bulletin board station is definitely a favorite of mine.

I love the idea of backpack hooks to hang their backpacks and putting individual back-to-school bulletin boards above each child's backpack

And all you need to create this easy back-to-school organization idea are hooks to hang backpacks, and bulletin boards to hang above each backpack.

You can instantly pin important papers or kids' schedules right above each child's backpack.

And yea, it is prettier than plastic storage bins.  

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@2023 HappyHealthyFamilies.com. All Rights Reserved.