5 Adorable Quick and Easy Easter Desserts To Make Last Minute

If you are a tried and true procrastinator when it comes to planning just about everything in your life - like I am - then you are going to love these last-minute Easter dessert ideas!

We are talking seriously cute dessert ideas for some of the easiest things to bake when you kind of forgot to plan ahead for your Easter celebration.

(So yea, this is all about procrastination. But that is okay. When you see how easy these desserts are to make, you will feel like the kitchen hero you know you always were meant to be!)

Easter basket with homemade Easter chicks doughnut hole desserts
Woman's Day

These cute spring chicks are actually doughnut holes covered in white chocolate and colorful sprinkles! Definitely, a fun easy-peasy Easter treat kids will love!

Easter popcorn with mini Cadbury Easter Eggs and marshmallows
Keat's Eats

 Easter Egg Popcorn Bars made with mini Cadbury eggs, marshmallows, and white chocolate - what is there not to love about this easy Easter treat??

 This 5 minute Easter Oreo Bark recipe is made with just a few ingredients and is a perfect dessert for Easter or any time really. This recipe uses Easter M&M's candies and spring-colored sprinkles. But it is easy to switch the candy and colors to make this quick easy dessert for any celebration.

Woman's Day

Turn sugar cookie dough into adorable bunny sugar cookies for an Easter dessert for kids. A super simple fun idea for Easter brunch. Grab some sugar cookie dough, bunny-shaped cookie cutters, icing, and food coloring, then let everyone design their own bunny cookie for dessert!

Betty Crocker

Adorable Easter Chicks Cupcakes are super easy and quick to make. The only thing is, they are so darn cute, it may be hard to eat this spring-time dessert!

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@2023 HappyHealthyFamilies.com. All Rights Reserved.