Hottest Toys Giveaway at!

This is so awesome! is having a toy sweepstakes...but not for just one toy. Nope, the winner will be getting 25--yes, 25, toys!! Their team of mommy testers has selected their choices for the hottest 25 toys of the season, and one lucky winner will be receiving all 25 toys. Now that would be a nice way to get some Christmas shopping done, don't you think?
Now don't think that this is a bunch of rattles and stacking cubes.... this is one list of 25 toys that has something for everyone. I love the Pictionary Man...and so would my daughter and her friends, I'm sure. There is an electronic UNO game that is pretty cool too. I think my personal favorite on the list is the 50's Diner. Too cute.
Take a look at the list of hottest toys of the season, and the complete rules for the giveaway. The winner will be randomly selected November 17th, so hurry over and enter the toy giveaway today!


  1. I'm already entered! What a great giveaway!

  2. I'm going right now to enter.

    Thanks for the hot tip!

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  3. Thanks for posting about this! I went and entered!

  4. Thanks for the info...I love giveaways! You have been tagged over at Kim's Kountry Kitchen...come on over!
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  5. Hi Bridget,

    Me too! Can you imagine winning all 25 toys?? My shopping would be done!

  6. Lori and Jesica,

    I am so glad you guys got entered! Good luck to you both!!

  7. Kim--

    I'll be over soon for the Tag! Thanks!!