Uh....Maybe I Shouldn't Browse Fitness Sites Anymore

Oh my. Not sure what else to say, but oh my.

I have been whining talking about exercising this year, and how maybe I should start doing some exercise program....like maybe Wii or better yet that cute exercise that promises me a butt like Eva Longoria's, and so I have taken up surfing around fitness sites to get motivated.

Uh, maybe I should stop. I came across this picture and had to steal it, borrow it, to show you 'cause I know you'd never believe it otherwise.

Doesn't he remind of you of that bubble wrap that comes in packages with fragile items in them? You know, that plastic bubbly stuff kids like to step on and pop?

Just saying.


  1. That photo is just horrifying. The good news is that you don't want to work out so much that you look like that. Everything in moderation.

  2. That's Awful! Who in their right mind would think that the body was supposed to look like that? eeww!

  3. Hi Anne,
    yea...horrifying is a good description. No worries here....I have no desire to be a work out fanatic or anything near that, LOL.

  4. Strange uh, Lynne, that someone actually intends for their body to be like that. Just weird.

  5. That picture scares me. Now I will have nightmares. LOL!!

  6. That dude is totally hilarious. Obviously a doctored photo but those guys that actually do bodybuild aren't too far off from this!