[CLOSED] Giveaway and Review: WordLock - A New Spin On Combination Locks!

Text Locks
When I think of locks, I always  flashback to high school and standing in front of my locker trying furtively to remember my locker combination while still trying to look uber-cool (well, maybe not so Uber. But you know what I mean.)

Thankfully, WordLock has put an end to trying to remember the correct sequence of numbers to open locks. Their innovative idea? Simple. Use word combinations instead of numbers. What a fantastic and easy way for kids to remember their combination, right? No more Locker Anxiety!

Got Graduates? TinyPrints Graduation Announcements Are On Sale!

Tiny Prints Graduation Announcements and Invitations

None of my kids are graduating this year - can I just insert a big old 'whew' here??

 But if you have an upcoming graduate in your family, you might want to go check out Tiny Prints’ Graduation Announcements and Graduation Invitations.

Right now they are having a sitewide 25% off sale on all orders. Between now and April 16, just enter the promo code : April25, and you will get your discount at checkout! (This is sitewide - any cards, any occasion - does not have to be graduation cards!)

Tiny Prints' professional team of designers and etiquette experts review each and every card, so you can relax knowing the cards you choose will be perfect.

Did you know that you can customize your cards front to back with photos and text…for FREE? (Just think of those cute baby pics of your graduate that you can share with everyone!)

 Tiny Prints has over 1,000 graduation designs you can choose from - so finding the right card to express your feelings on this special occasion should be a bit easier. And if your 'baby' is a college graduate this year, you really should take a peek at Tiny Print's new Greek Collection for sororities.

Need your them fast? They can even get them to you in 2 days with Super Rush Delivery for not much more.

Can't get your order by April 16? No worries. You can still get 15% off your graduation cards and announcements if you order from April 18-April 24!

Just enter the promo code: 15GradFS from 4/18/12 through 4/24/12 to get your savings!  (This is not a sitewide sale however, so keep in mind that the 15% discount will only be valid towards graduation cards, announcements, invitations and Thank-you cards only.)

"Mom, I'm Bored" - Instant Kids' Craft Project

This is one easy-peasy kids' craft idea that I know I have all the materials for- right in my kitchen pantry and freezer.

This is definitely one of those go to ideas to keep in mind when you hear your kids say those words that make you want to run and hide in the bathroom, surprise them with your creativity.

Olli Lolli: Food Allergy Awareness T-Shirts For Kids

Olli Lolli has come up with a unique way to alert teachers, babysitters and others that a child has a particular food allergy. These fun t-shirts are made from organic cotton and come with important messages indicating a specific allergy a child might have.

Need a Last Minute Easter Basket?

If you are a 'wait to the last minute' Easter shopping mama, you may find yourself looking at dismally empty or almost empty store shelves when you get to the store. That's right- the cutest stuff will be gone. The adorable baskets, the yummiest candy, the sweetest Easter stuffies - all gone.

Cutest Kitten Video. Ever.

If you are not having such a good day, watch this video of the cutest kitten ever who is terrified by a vacuum cleaner. It will make you smile. A lot. Promise.

If you are having a fantastic day, watch the video. It will make your day more fantastic. I promise you.

[Celebrity Moms] Molly Sims: It's a Boy!

 Actress and model, Molly Sims, 38, made a surprise announcement on Tuesday's episode of  The Talk - she and hubby Scott Stuber have found out they are having a baby boy!

I’m going to make a little announcement...., Sims, who is due in June, told the show's co-hosts. 
The only reason why I’m telling this is because we can’t make a decision on the nursery. We are having a baby boy!

[video courtesy of CBS' "The Talk"]

Bald Barbie is on Her Way!

 Actually, a Bald 'Friend' of Barbie's is on her way!

Mattel has responded to a powerful Facebook campaign by announcing that the company will soon be putting completely Bald Barbie dolls into the hands of many sick children. The new doll - who will be introduced as a friend of Barbie's - is intended to help children coping with hair loss from medical treatments like chemotherapy.

CafeWell: Get Social, Get Healthy

This post brought to you by CafeWell. All opinions are 100% mine.

CafeWell is a health and wellness social network where you can find all the support and motivation you need to get healthy and stay healthy. You will find fun challenges, discussion groups, and experts who provide advice and answer your questions. They have partnered with large health plans like Altius and together they are providing their members with great health programs, like Reach for the Peaks, where members participate on CafĂ©Well in a wireless pedometer program that focuses on helping members become and stay more active.

The Easiest Summer Dessert Ever??

Could this recipe for Orange Creamsicle Cake from Woman's Day be one of the easiest and coolest desserts for  summer ever? I think it just might be. Of course, if one were to make their own Angel Food cake from scratch, one would make this a more challenging recipe.

Here is what you do to make a dessert that the kiddos should love eating, all the while thinking that you are the. best. mom. in. the. world. (Which is a good thing considering Mother's Day is on the horizon. Just saying.)

Go to the grocery store.
Buy an angel food cake.
Buy orange sherbet.
Buy whipped cream.
Go home.
Put the angel food cake upside down on a plate.
Fill cake with the sherbet.
Cover with plastic wrap and freeze 4 hours.

Put your feet up and relax.

Take cake out of freezer.
Remove plastic wrap.
Frost with whipped cream.

Let me add that the original recipe includes an option for making candied orange peel and sprinkling it on top of the cake, if desired. I have no such desire, personally. But for anyone who wants to add this step, here it is:

Using a citrus zester, remove the peel from 1 orange in strips. Or use a vegetable peeler to remove the peel from the orange in vertical strips, avoiding as much of the white pith as possible; cut into smaller strips. Bring 2 cups cold water and the peel to a boil in a 2-qt saucepan; drain. In the same saucepan, whisk 1 cup water with 2 cups sugar until sugar dissolves. Add the peel and bring to a boil over medium heat. Reduce heat; simmer the peel 10 to 15 minutes until tender and translucent. Drain; let cool.

Sprinkle on top of frosted cake.