The Incredible Little Carrot {Flourless Carrot Cake Recipe Ahead}

Carrots - that incredible little orange veggie that is so fun to eat raw  {because what food isn't fun when it is so crunchy?}  may help the risk of stroke - especially in women.

Studies done by researchers at Harvard suggest that the alpha-carotene in carrots helps fight plaque build-up in arteries in the brain. Clear arteries means blood flows cleaner, and stroke risk is reduced.

Women who eat at least five carrots a week are 68% less likely to suffer a stroke than women who eat carrots only once a month, according to the research. {Yep, go ahead and grab a carrot from your refrigerator now. I'll wait.}

Since we all need reminders once in a while about certain things in life, here are some about the incredible little carrot.

Carrots contain Vitamins A, B, C and E. They are an excellent source of soluble fiber, and are low in calories and sodium. And the carotene in carrots help lower the risk of heart disease.

These crunchy veggies are good for your teeth and skin (the Vitamin A helps protect skin from sun damage, helps prevent wrinkles and dryness).

Carrots have been shown to help fight lung, breast and colon cancer.

And yes, they are good for your eyes!

If you are looking for a delicious ways to incorporate more carrots in your family's meals, here is a Flourless Carrot Cake recipe {from The New York Times} that you might want to try - it is really yummy!

To make this recipe super kid-friendly, just make cupcakes instead of a regular cake . This always works in our house, plus it is just so easy to grab one and go!

{Psst....try this Flourless Chocolate Cake Recipe too - no carrots, but lots of yummy!}