Citrus Lane Delivers Fun Toddler Gifts To Your Front Door!

If I still had toddlers at home, I would be so intrigued by Citrus Lane. This is a company that delivers surprise packages to your front door every month. Inside are awesome kids products especially selected for your child.

Tofu Popsicles - Healthy Vegan Style Treats

We try to eat a vegetarian diet as much as possible around here, and I actually cook a lot with tofu. It is really a very healthy inexpensive food that can be used in so many recipes. So here is a tofu Popsicle recipe my kids love on hot days. I promise these taste way better than they sound!!

Tales of a 4th Grade Mom

As of tomorrow, Thursday August 15, I will officially be the mom of a 4th grader. Again. I have been a 4th grade mom 4 times before. There is something about this grade that hits me hard - like a punch in my stomach. This grade - the 4th grade - signals big changes to me.

Happy Books Make For Happy Eats!

I have always noticed that when I read a happy fun type of book, I always feel better. I mean, I do enjoy a good who-done-it mystery (heart Agatha Christie so much!!) and even once in a while I will indulge in a real tearjerker