Menopause And Herbs

Some women dealing menopause may want to explore the use of natural herbs to help alleviate the symptons they are dealing with. Just remember to always check with your doctor first, research yourself on any herb before you decide to try it, and always buy herbs from reputable retailers. Also, follow all directions listed on the labels.

Here is a brief overview of some herbs that are supposed to help with menopausal symptons
Black Cohosh - This herb is an excellent natural remedy for relieving the symptoms of menopause, particularly night sweats and hot flashes. It helps with menopause naturally and has no known negative side effects.

Soy- Soy is another substance that contains phytoestrogens, this gives soy the ability to reduce the symptoms of menopause, the uncomfortable hot flashes. Soy milk is a great way ti get soy into your diet each day. Make a yummy soy smoothie evry morning using your favoite ingredients and substituting soy milk for regular milk!

Red Clover - This herb is believed to have a positive effect on the symptoms of menopause, it contains phytoestrogens which are believed to mimic the effects of estrogen in the body.

Maca Root - Maca root is very nutritious and has been labeled as a superfood. It contains vitamins and minerals as well as nutrients and proteins.
It is believed to relieve symptoms such chronic fatigue, vaginal dryness and mood swings by correcting the hormone imbalance caused ny menopause.

Maca root is also believed to reduce fatigue and the symptoms of PMS, increase libido, increase stamina, increase energy levels and endurance.

Remember--check with your doctor and do your own research as well before taking herbal remedies.

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@2023 All Rights Reserved.