10 Foods That Help Detox Your Body

Next time you are at the grocery store, bring along this list of the top 10 foods that can help "cleanse" and "detox" your body!

1. Green Leafy Vegetables: The chlorophyll helps clean out environmental toxins (heavy metals, pesticides) and protects the liver.

2. Lemons: Make fresh lemonade. Vitamin C is absolutely one of the best detox vitamins, and helps convert toxins into a water-soluble form that's easily flushed away.

3. Watercress: The leaves are rich in minerals and have a diuretic effect that helps move things through your system. Add some to your next sandwich.

4. Garlic: We all know about the health benefits of garlic for your cardio system, but garlic is also good for the liver because it activates the enzymes in your liver that filter out the bad stuff in your system.

5. Green Tea: So full of antioxidants, green tea is just about the best drink for your body ever. Your liver gets an extra bonus from green tea-- the catechins in the tea speed up liver activity.

6. Broccoli Sprouts: They have 20 to 50 times more cancer-fighting, enzyme-stimulating activity in each bite than the grown-up vegetable. If you can't find the sprouts at your grocery store, try a health food store.

7. Sesame Seeds: These are said to be good for helping your liver deal with the effects of alcohol and other chemicals. You can get sesame seeds in a paste form, called tahini, which is also very popular in Asian cooking.

8. Cabbage: Make some coleslaw with it, or try a 'salad' of shredded cabbage and olive oil and vinegar...quick and delicious! Cabbage is an excellent food for your liver because it activates both of the detoxifying enzymes that are in your liver.

9. Psyllium: Get the powder and stir some into your morning juice. It i rich i soluble fiber, which is great for cleansing the body of toxins and cholesterol.

10. Fruit: Buy a variety and eat some every day. You will get Vitamin C, nutritional fluids to clean your body, and lots of antioxidants.

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@2023 HappyHealthyFamilies.com. All Rights Reserved.